• Licensed, Land and Engineering Surveyors for the Land Development, Commercial Construction, Engineering and Mining Industries

With comprehensive experience in many industries, McGregor Surveys deals in varied markets throughout Western Australia and Africa.

We have experience in the land development, commercial construction, engineering services and mining development sectors and can provide any surveying requirements within these industries.

  • Land Development – We can guide you through the steps to subdivide your land, starting with a contour and feature survey, creating your WAPC application, conducting the field survey work to mark new boundaries and finally lodging all necessary documentation to Landgate to subdivide your property.
  • Commercial Construction – Our Licensed Surveyors will conduct a boundary re-establishment survey, set up your grids or survey control and height datums and then our Engineering surveyors will take over to conduct all day to day engineering set out. At the completion of construction, we can conduct Net Lettable Area (NLA) or Gross Lettable Area (GLAR) surveys for commercial developments or provide strata titling surveying services.
  • Engineering Surveying – Conduct feature surveys for road design, setting out for Earthworks, Structural Concrete, Structural Mechanical or Piping (SMP) on major projects.
  • Mining Projects – Provide Licensed Surveyors for mining tenement surveys, survey drill holes in the exploration phase, provide Project Surveyors in the construction phase and then provide Mining Surveyors for the operations phase.

Built on our core values of reliability, honesty, efficiency and, integrity, our team is committed to delivering a quality deliverable in a safe, cost saving manner which will exceed your expectations. We look forward to working with you to successfully deliver your project to your necessary requirements.

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