Commercial construction and surveying is the business of building and then selling/leasing offices, residential apartments, medical centres, shopping centres.

At McGregor Surveys, we can start you off to pioneer your development by commencing with surveys to identify your true land holdings and then provide you with a contour and feature survey to enable your designers to get to work.

These services are the starting point in which to get your development off to a great start and then we can follow up with all these other services. See below:

Early Works

  • Check existing contour and feature survey for correctness
  • Conduct Boundary re-establishment survey / Identification Survey
  • Setup grids or survey control and height datums
  • Setup for monitoring of structures

Construction – Early Works

  • Set out for piling
  • Set out for Earthworks
  • Calculations for volume quantities


  • Set out detailed earthworks
  • Set out or check footings / holding down bolts / columns / retaining walls / lift and stair wells / penetrations / internal walls / unusual angles

As-Builts or As-Constructed

  • Survey all underground services and tie in points
  • Collate all underground services in computer model
  • Licensed Surveyor to confirm all building construction is within cadastral boundary of lot.

Lease Areas using Method of Measurement

All measurements and calculations are made using the Property Council of Australian method of measurement for the following lease areas:

  • Net Lettable Area (NLA)
  • Gross Lettable Area (GLAR)

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