Mining starts with companies pegging ground in the pursuit of finding different commodities in order to mining these minerals. McGregor Surveys can assist in firstly marking out these exploration leases and then eventually surveying these mining tenements under the government’s regulations.

McGregor Surveys is approved and Licensed, to carry out authorised surveys for mining tenements for the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) – See authorisation letter. Along with these pioneering services, McGregor Surveys can also provide these other services in the phases of exploration, construction and operations in the Mining sector.


  • Approved and Licensed to carry out Authorised Surveys for Mining Tenements for the DMIRS.
  • Setup survey control network to the appropriate national coordinates & datum.
  • Set out and pick up of all drill holes
  • Set out and pick up of grid lines for sampling and contouring.
  • Mark out key facilities prior to construction


  • Aerial surveys to provide photos & ground modelling for design purposes
  • Check all existing survey control prior to construction
  • Topographical survey to check design model
  • Design set out
  • Modify road design set out to suit site conditions
  • Volumetric surveys to check end of month quantities – aerial surveys
  • As-built of completed infrastructure
  • Conduct all underground service as-builts
  • Collate all underground services and save on computer model
  • Concrete holding down bolts set out or auditing checks
  • Check verticality of structural steel erected for plant site buildings


  • Aerial surveys to provide end of month quantities
  • Setup of all survey control for open pit mining
  • Set out and pickup of all grade control drilled holes
  • Pit design set outs & monitoring excavation
  • Ore and waste mark out in open pit
  • Drill and blast hole set out
Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

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