Mining Projects in Australia and Africa

Partnering with Austral African Survey Group

In 2016, the directors of McGregor Surveys partnered with an African company, MineDev Surveyors to create a company, Austral African Survey Group (AASG), which provides surveying services to companies that have mining projects in Africa.

AASG with McGregor Surveys have a joint partnership to provide contractors and mining companies surveying services not only in Africa but on Australian Projects as well.

Below are some of the services our partnership offers:


  • Setup all management systems / standard operating procedures / management plans / policies and work instructions.
  • Engage all Project Surveyors for the project
  • Cost control of budget and provide updated cost forecast to practical completion
  • Introduce training program as requested from the client
  • Arrange purchasing / leasing of all survey equipment if requested from the client.
  • Setup a reporting schedule for submission to client
  • Ongoing auditing by visiting site on regular intervals to ensure the processes put in place are carried out throughout the life cycle of the project



  • Setup survey control network to the appropriate national coordinates & datum.
  • Set out and pick up of all drill holes
  • Set out and pick up of grid lines for sampling and contouring.
  • Mark out key facilities prior to construction


  • Aerial surveys to provide photos & ground modelling for design purposes
  • Check all existing survey control prior to construction
  • Topographical survey to check design model
  • Design set out
  • Modify road design set out to suit site conditions
  • Volumetric surveys to check end of month quantities – aerial surveys
  • As-built of completed infrastructure
  • Conduct all underground service as-builts
  • Collate all underground services and save on computer model
  • Concrete holding down bolts set out or auditing checks
  • Check verticality of structural steel erected for plant site buildings


  • Aerial surveys to provide end of month quantities
  • Setup of all survey control for open pit mining
  • Set out and pickup of all grade control drilled holes
  • Pit design set outs & monitoring excavation
  • Ore and waste mark out in open pit
  • Drill and blast hole set out

Mining Projects in Africa

In addition to the above management and surveying activities we undertake in Africa on mining projects, we also provide training, mentoring and certificates of attainments once our African employees meet certain milestone objectives.

Our management team and our on site team leaders provide the following:

  • Provide ongoing training to all national employees in the surveying department.
  • Develop ongoing assessments for each employee and present competency certificates once each objective is successfully completed.
  • Train personnel to take up positions once the project reaches the operational phase.
  • Introduce the latest technology in surveying equipment and train all personnel to operate in the field.

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